You can choose to pay for your new CCTV system via monthly payment plans or monthly rental payments. In fact, more than 90% of our customers choose to pay by monthly installments to optimise their cashflow. Paperwork for all payment options is minimal, quick and easy. And if you need to upgrade, or add additional equipment, the payments are easily adjusted.


Payment plans

Depending upon the best system for your business, we have payment plans with no interest payable, Operating Lease, Rental Agreements or Finance options providing Rent and Buy options.



Tangible savings

Typically, your monthly business expense is indirectly offset by the tangible savings a reliable CCTV system delivers to your business. For example, savings made via better stock control, reduced shrinkage or enhanced employee accountability.


Should you make a capital purchase of one of our systems, you can expect the same after sale support we offer still applies.



Talk to a CSI Consultant

Please discuss your preferences with our Consultant so we may provide the best package for your circumstance.